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The Students of Team Yap 2014

I am writing this post from our hotel in Hawaii. We have already started the long trek home (traveling 9 ½ hours so far with another 11 to go) and once again the end of the trip has crept up and then flown right by me. I am sad to see the trip end but more »

A visit with the U.S. Ambassador to FSM

The other day we were surprised to hear that the US Ambassador to FSM (Federated States of Micronesia) was on island. The US Ambassador to FSM is Doria Rosen, a 25+ year employee of the US Foreign Service. Her office is in Kolonia, Pohnpei (not to be confused with Colonia in Yap) so trips to more »

The Poison Tree….

So today we began a three day project of mapping specific communities located with specific watersheds. This project will allow government agencies to produce a land-use map that will help locals determine where the best sites are located for food production. Our work is part of a grant obtained by my colleague Dr. Reed Perkins more »

A Trip to the Forbidden Island…..

Yap consists of 10 municipalities and on every trip students and faculty tend to make their way at least once to 9 of the 10. There is 1 municipality that our group (and visitors in general) typically does not have a chance to visit which is Ramuung. If you have read my previous posts over more »